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Class W | CPR & Piercing Certificate  : $375
Class W | Piercing Certificate  : $325
Payment Plan 1 - $100
Payment Plan 2-  $100
Payment Plan 3 - $100 
Payment Plan 4 - $75 
Payment Plan 4 - $25 
Date & Timing :  September 7th 3-5 pm 
Being a piercer is the most slept on hustle out here and that’s why i say that should be the number ONE REASON TO START the clients WOKE the hustlers chasing all the same dreams .


I started piercings out of my home yearsssssss ago traveling to people and so on when i say GREAT money lord i mean it put me on to everything i do now. Being certified from the jump would had pushed me higher from the jump so that’s why i want to give this opportunity away i was able to open up a actual store being certified doing what i love making a killing with low competition cause it’s slept on when i say slept on I’m saying it’s not a hustle your average person would pick you get me ? Everybody wants to be a MUA , Boutique Owner , Hairstylist , Lash Tech and so on but where’s the piercers ? You see what I’m saying you’ll make a killing babe 😉 My busy life it’s not much time on my hands to go as hard as i want but i can say in ALL IN ONE I’ll always have a piercer and one of the people from my class will definitely be it 😉Ohhhh more about me ? Yesss so this is something i took far and became a pro at I’m talking about making over $500.00 in one day but I’ll tell y’all all about me when i see y’all 😘  


• What’s Provided • 

  •  Every major step of the piercing life you would need to know . 
  •  Refreshments 
  •  Test to become certified ( no worries )
  •  How to promote yourself and get clientele 
  •  Actual piercings being done on models in class to show how to do top requested piercings 
  •  Piercing Kits will be given 
  •  ( please leave in notes when purchasing tickets your clothing size ) a gift will be giving to wear you will be updated what before hand 
  •  Certifications will be given the same day 

Make sure you come to class with a list of questions you always wanted to ask we will make time to go over all questions. 


Being certified takes away jail time , being sued , getting in trouble by the law period and so on ...  With a certification you will get 10x more clients than a average person with no certification would get 😉  Being certified takes every worry off of you that could possibly appear. You can now work from home . Work in a piercing shop you always wanted to work in or start your own piercing studio with a certification 😉  And another advantage is now you can certify others that come your way you will have the knowledge and power from being certified ‼️



  • To be a piercer in Ohio CPR is required to have.
  • Now should you get your CPR CERTIFICATION? That’s totally up to you . 
  • Do everyone have a CPR LICENSE or get it ? No 
  • Should they ? Yes to be on the safe side but remember it’s up to you 😘



  • Class , Kit & Certifications Piercings & CPR : Everything that’s provided in this class will be given to you .
  •  Class , Kit & Piercing Certification : Everything will be giving to you besides your CPR certification ... 


  •  low on competition 
  •  everyone sleeps on this hustle that’s why it’s great money 
  •  income for beginners able to make hundreds of dollars in one days doing a 2 minuet job 😉 
  •  your own boss if your working a 9/5 I’m sure once you go hard with this you’ll never have to work a 9-5 again
  •  something fun and easy 
Being a piercer is actually a hustle you can live off of ♥️.

Once your tickets are purchased you will receive a confirmation in your email and you will be added to the list . Once the address of the location is updated you will receive that also in your email location will be in Cleveland, Ohio . 

Once these tickets are sold out there just sold out so take advantage of this opportunity you can’t find nobody out here really putting anybody on to this hustle so this will be nothing but GREATNESS these tickets are in high DEMAND so be sure to get yours !! 

can’t wait to see you there ♥️♥️😘



So i do have payment plans available due to how far in advanced i will be planning make sure you pick payment Plan 1 , 2 , 3 & 4 as you go and make you a login for this site so you can also keep track on your end and i can see on my end once you pay the 4th your good !  Last day for the 4th payment Plan will be August 23rd ! Why ? Because i need enough time to get you registered before the day of class to receive your certificate !! So take that very serious . Thank you 😊 .